Student requirements

Student requirements and instructions:

  • Be over 16 years of age.
  • Approval of a Boating Course offered by any of the following: USPS, USCG Aux., DRNA.
  • Must be able to float and swim with clothes on.
  • Must have submitted all forms duly completed and signed.
    • Application
    • Medical Form
    • Waiver
    • Student Evaluation
    • Course Evaluation
  • Receipt of Payment for the Course

For the ‘On-The-Water’ training each student should bring:

  • Dry clothes – one change in the event of inclement weather and swimming ability demo.
  • Foul weather gear
  • Cap and sunglasses for eye protection
  • Boat shoes – must be used at all times
  • A whistle
  • Large plastic water bottle for hydration
  • Lunch and other snacks
  • Sunblock and Lip Balm for skin protection
  • PFD – USCG approved, inflatable allowed
  • Towel and duffle bag

For the ‘On-The-Classroom’ session and test each student must bring:

  • Required forms and documents
  • Text book (Start Powerboating Right), paper and pen or pencils
  • Snacks
  • Six foot length of ¼ in. braided line

In addition to the equipment listed above, if you have any of the following they will be useful during the course. (they are not required)

  • GPS
  • Handheld VHS
  • Hand Bearing Compass
  • Parallel Ruler and dividers.

Previous home study of course material (text, animations and videos) should be done.
Videos and animations are available at Please take time to review them.