BOSS, the BOAT OPERATOR AND SEAMANSHIP SCHOOL, offers practical, hands-on skill development courses on the water.

We offer our services thru three programs:

Program #1 – On the Water (OTW) Training Program, has three levels and is designed for licensed boat operators. It is offered in one of the boats on BOSS fleet:

  • Level 1 – Consist of a four (4) hours OTW experience at an entry level, where the students have their first experience in a power boat.
  • Level 2 – Is a six (6) hours OTW training, where the student are exposed to several slow speed maneuver and boat handling techniques.
  • Level 3 – Is an eight (8) hours OTW training where students are offered a very comprehensive program of over 30 exercises in boat operations and maneuvers.

Program #2 – Offer a comprehensive certified course designed for entry level students who desire to acquire seamanship knowledge  as well as boat operations experience.

  • The Safe Powerboat Handling course consist of two components: an OTC (on the classroom) component where the Operation, Navigation and Seamanship knowledge and experience of the students is reviewed and tested; and an OTW (on the water) component where the most important skills in Boat Operation are taught thru onshore and at sea drills.
  • Under this program other advanced courses are also available  depending on type and size of boat and different sea conditions.

Program #3 – In our last program we serve Boat Owners who desire to address specific issues. We custom design the course to meet their needs.

  • Seminars and special interest courses are also prepared to satisfy the needs of groups, clubs and organizations.
  • During the summer seasons, from June thru August, a Boating Camp is offered.