Raison d’etre, The Idea

Today’s Boat Operators are not required to demonstrate their proficiency on Boat Handling before obtaining their state authorization to go to sea, carry passengers, be it family or friends, and interact with other vessels.

Under Law 430 the only requirements to operate vessels in Puerto Rico is to take a classroom course on the principles of seamanship and boating practices and pass two written exams one on boating knowledge and the other on the content of the law.

This is like getting a drivers license without a practical demonstration of knowledge and skills of the driver. Imagine airplane pilots flying an airplane with family or friends or even better with crew and passengers after only taking a written exam on flying theory.

Therefore, our school, BOSS, we will fill that gap for recreational boaters. It will offer different levels of practical, hands-on, on the water, OTW, training to would be boaters as well as current Powerboat Operators.